KalamanC++ is a calamansi and malunggay juice concentrate probably made by a computer programmer in Nakar, Quezon. Clever product naming and labeling.

Still, there’s a part of me that thinks that, so far, this is a high-tech solution searching desperately for the problems it’s trying to solve.

I agree. These people are trying to solve a problem that doesn’t exist. What made it worse: they’re expensive! Let me be bold here: this foldable smartphone technology is not gonna fly!

A 1TB microSD card

Micron and Western Digital subsidiary Sandisk have each announced their own 1 Terabyte microSD cards at the MWC in Barcelona.

Reading news like this, I chuckle as I remember my first ever USB flash drive that I bought from CD-R King some 15 years ago: a 128 MB capacity flash drive.

If this Lenovo Tab V7 (expected to be priced at around PHP 14,693) could prove to provide decent performance in systems speed division, this could be a good alternative to most flagship smartphones that are offered at exorbitant prices.

Huawei Mate X now official

The Mate X, similar to the Galaxy Fold, turns into a more prominent 8-inch display once unfolded from its 6.6-inch and 6.32-inch estates. Unlike the latter, though, it’s capable of having expandable storage through its proprietary nano-memory (NM) cards. It also sports 5G capability with its Kirin 980 chip embedded with the company’s Balong 5000 5G modem. Similar to the Mate series, the phone also sports triple Leica cameras.

Did Huawei just beat Samsung into the foldable smartphone market?

The con to re-watching Game of Thrones all over again: having to once more witness the stupidity of Sansa.

Nike is playing damage control after Duke basketball phenom Zion Williamson tore his sneaker in a game Wednesday evening. Just do it! — the saying goes!