What’s with this ‘unread’ mark in the Messenger icon inside the Facebook app for Android? Upon checking the Messenger app, though, there really is no unread message! How do I get rid of this, other than uninstalling the Facebook app?

WordCamp Iloilo

WordCamp is expanding in the Philippines from Cebu to Iloilo this year. Great to know there are a lot of WordPress users group in Iloilo.

I used to be a big fan of WordPress. But now, one word: “Gutenberg”.

Samsung Galaxy Tab S5e coming to the Philippines. The problem is, I just can’t find a way to integrate the type of gadget into my every day life. I rarely even use my Galaxy Tab S2.

However, not all fats are benign. The industrially processed, highly refined seed oils that are high in omega-6 fat are not recommended because they can cause inflammation and adversely affect human health. These oils include sunflower, corn, canola, safflower, and vegetable oils. In particular, do not use these vegetable oils at high heat because they release harmful chemicals called aldehydes when heated. Stay away from deep-fried foods and all hydrogenated (trans) fats.
— Dr. Jason Fung. The Diabetes Code (Kindle Locations 2833-2836). Greystone Books. Kindle Edition.

Pure Gold

There’s a PureGold at the end of the rainbow.

Nickel Asia’s 20th annual medical-surgical mission benefits over 500 patients

The members of the communities that NAC serves acknowledge the impact of the mission. In the 20 years we have been doing this, eight years in Surigao and Dinagat, many lives have been changed for the better. After all, how often do you get the opportunity for a special surgical procedure free of any charges. We take care of the patients. We take care of our communities, that is our commitment,” NAC President Martin Antonio G. Zamora said.

Now, that’s responsible mining!

The $1,980 Foldable Phone

Wow! A $2K phone with just a single distinguishing feature: it’s foldable. Just wow!

I mean, they spent a lot of time demonstrating the multi-window feature. I own a Samsung Galaxy Note 8, and rarely did I ever use that multi-window feature.