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I can't make Vikunja work on my set up

Posted on Aug 25, 2023

Vikunja is a powerful open-source todo app that provides users with a range of features designed to enhance productivity. It offers task tracking, due date management, collaboration tools, and more, all within an intuitive interface.

Installing via Vikunja via Docker, though, requires quite a number of containers running. The normal install alone needs a minimum 4 containers:

When I tried running them via docker-compose, I encountered a lot of this kind of Internal Server Error:


And sometimes logging in returned repetitive API errors.

I read somewhere that installing Redis along within the same docker-compose file helps. So I did.

But I still encountered several Internal Server Errors, albeit on rarer occasions this time.

5 Docker Containers, and still errors. Vikunja left me no choice but to run:

docker-compose down
docker image prune -a
cd ..
rm -R vikunja