Deuts Log

Contabo Price Increase 2022

Price Increase Announcement

Got an email today about the forthcoming price increase from Contabo. Also saw the discussion on Lowendtalk.

What I use it for?

Currently, I have my Plex server, Radarr, Sonarr, Qbittorrent, Bazarr, Tautulli, among others, installed on my Contabo servers. Beginning November 1, it appears my fee will increase from EUR4.99 to EUR5.99 per month. I know it’s not too much, especially for a 400GB SSD storage, 4-core CPU and 8GB RAM VPS server. It’s pretty much like paying for a Netflix subscription, but with so much more flexibility.

Black Friday Sale

Black Friday is fast approaching. I’ll check out the Lowendbox and Lowendtalk sites for attractive sale that may fit my needs. Until then, I’ll keep my Contabo server.

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