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How to Create a Bash Script and Make it Executable?

Long commands are hard to memorize

Let’s say for example you want to run hugo server, but instead of on the localhost you want to run it over your VPS server (or even from your home server). Without the bash script, you’ll need to run:

hugo server --bind=<IP ADDRESS> --baseURL=http://<IP ADDRESS>:1313

Create a bash script

Create the bash file

Let’s name the bash file


Enter your commands


hugo server --bind=<IP ADDRESS> --baseURL=http://<IP ADDRESS>:1313

Don’t forget to include #!/bin/bash at the first line.

Multiple Commands

If you need to make multiple commands, enter each command in separate lines, and end the file with exec bash, like for example:

cd appdata/app/subfolder
PS1='$(whoami)@$(hostname):$(pwd)# '
exec bash

Ctrl+O to save the file
Ctrl+X to close the file

Make it executable

sudo chmod +x

Enter password as may be necessary.

Run the script


Assuming we don’t get into permission problems, our script should be working well.