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Can This Old Laptop Handle Plex?

Bumped into this post on Reddit, asking if his ‘old’ laptop can handle Plex:

Old Laptop Specs

Imagine: a 7th-gen i5 with a dedicated NVIDIA graphics, and he’s asking if his laptop can handle Plex. I’m sure this spec can handle 1 or 2 4K streams easily.

I have an old Beelink S1 Mini PC, with an Intel Celeron N3450, Quad Core, 4GB of RAM and 64GB eMMC, and this thing handles Plex well, albeit I only watch 720p movies and shows. But it’s running not just Plex, but a host of other docker containers, including but not limited to:

So, yeah, to answer OP’s question, it is very much capable.

#linux #plex